First Post!

August 21, 2010  |  Website

Hey guys!  This is my first post on this site.  I am very excited.  Honestly, an update to this site has been long overdue.  It is insane to see the technologies in use with web design now.  I’m seeing all these terms being thrown around and I have no idea what they are or how to use them.  Overwhelmed, I decided to just give in and go with something premade so I switched from movable type to Word Press 3.0 and purchased the BigFeature theme to go along with it.  So far I am really impressed with how far along things have gone.  Hacks and customizations that I painstakingly and crudely pieced together for my old site are now standard features or easily installed widgets!

Anyway, I am excited for where this is going and to be blogging again. :pft:

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