August 21, 2010  |  Camera Equipments

It’s been a long time but I’ve finally reacquired the Canon 35mm f/1.4L.  I can’t even remember my reasoning for selling it; the 20mm was one of my most used lenses on 1.6x crop which has an effective focal length at 32mm. Logically, this would mean that when I upgraded to full frame the 35L should have been one of my most used lenses but I ended up selling it and never replacing it for whatever reason. Fortunately I found one on Amazon Warehouse deals for $1290 and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to “cheaply” repurchase this lens.  I put cheaply in quotes because the price on this lens went from ~1200 to ~1400 since I sold it. Unfortunately when the lens arrived it was missing some accessories but Amazon is making up for it! :gj:

Based on the condition in which the Canon EF 35mm Lens arrived, we’d like to offer you a refund of 20% of the purchase price of this item, of $256. 20, if you are interested in keeping it. If this is acceptable, please let us know.

So overall I am pretty excited to get this back in my hands.  I’ve heard a lot of bad stories about buying open box stuff on Amazon Warehouse deals but so far everything seems fine.   I’m going to test the lens for a couple days to make sure the person who returned it didn’t have a good reason and then I’ll probably take Amazon up on their refund offer.   :x:

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