And... I'm done.

And… I’m done.

August 24, 2010  |  Camera Equipments

A couple weeks ago I took my Olympus 28mm f/2.8 and it served me well for landscape photography (pictures of that trip coming soon!). I couldn’t help but feel like a 24mm would serve me a little better so I created an eBay search to try to get a  version of this lens for cheap. :x:

. I was planning on trying to get one for around $70 but gave in but when I saw this SC for $130 shipped (everything at the time had bids up to $100 already, even on single-coated versions). It arrived today and the glass is near mint and the body is in pretty good condition despite what the auction said so I am pretty happy. :perfect:

I am always a little impressed when I see how small Olympus was able to design these OM lenses. It’s pretty interesting to see how it all packs so tidily into the leather case. Compactness was definitely the goal with OM and it shows. It’s too bad no one is currently in the same mindset.

Olympus 24mm f/2.8 inside leather case; hood fits snugly into top of the case with a piece of padding to protect it and the lens upon closure.

Olympus 24mm f/2.8 with leather case, hood, and OM to EF adapter.

I can’t wait to rough this up on the trail! fsjal I think I’m set on my lens line-up for a while though.   There are still some lenses I want to get rid of but as far as acquisitions go, this is probably going to be the last one for a long time (unless I can snag a Mirex T/S adapter for cheap!)

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