A Little Maintenance

A Little Maintenance

August 25, 2010  |  Life

Finally took the Civic in to get an oil change which was long overdue; the oil light finally started flashing and was counting down into negative miles. :hsugh:  What drained from the oil pan had to be some of the most epic oil ever though.  It had cycled through the engine throughout northern and southern California on journeys and expeditions that I can only describe as legendary.  It will definitely be hard to top the multiple trips to Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain chasing POW, a solo trip to Yosemite to explore the valley, an epic 3 day hike through Cottonwood Loop where we ran out of food, or even navigating through a road that some say is only possible to traverse with a 4×4.

Epic snowfall @ MM

The Civic saw its first snow on this oil on a trip where it dumped nearly 2 feet.  While other vehicles got stuck on the road, it sat in the parking lot accumulating snowfall which I planned on giving Dam the honors of digging out but when it was time to leave two girls volunteered to shovel the car out or at least “until [they] got bored” :perfect:  We managed to get in before it started snowing and out by the time it stopped so the trip back home was smooth. :bowdown:

The Civic in Yosemite Valley

When snow season was over, the Civic and I made a solo trip to the Valley to capture rainbows and moonbows.  It wasn’t car camping, but it was close with nearly 16 hours spent in the car over 3 days. Here I got to drive on some twisty mountain roads in light and dark (with some sketchy moments) but we made it out ok and I came away with some of my favorite pictures of all time. :yey:

Near the top of Cottonwood road above Lone Pine

Still summer and with the oil light beginning to turn on, gauge reading 15% life left, Dam and I hit up Cottonwood Loop. Originally we planned to do a 2 day hike into Dusy Basin for some fishing but permits were out so we hiked ~26 miles of Cottonwood Loop, passing by 6 lakes along the way.

This is what happens when you bottom out in sand. Wounds from Anza-Borrega Desert SP

Finally, with the oil gauge at 10% life I took the Civic on its last trip, driving down to Anza Borrego Desert SP where it journeyed over soft sand through a 4 mile stretch to Font’s Point where I captured and watched some Perseid planes meteors. The ride was sketchy in many parts and it bottomed out a few times. aiming the tires for “firm looking” parts of the sand helped me get to Font’s Point in one piece on the way up but the journey back in the dark was definitely scary :noes: Keeping the speed at ~30mph I kept my momentum all the way back to the road.

Hopefully the next 5,000 miles can live up to the last 5.  Heres to more adventures! :fsjal:


  1. :wtf: We didn’t run out of food. It was just enough for the 3 days. :perfect:

  2. I’m sure the plan was to hike the last 6 miles on 300 calories then drive 50 miles to get lunch too. :nocry:

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