Site Redesign + Updates

June 30, 2013  |  Life, Website

At the beginning of May I was interviewing for a job at GoldenComm. As part of the interview I was given some homework; design a WordPress theme from scratch. I decided to go all out and actually do it from scratch (not even using the twenty-ten theme!). It was a great learning experience for me and made me realize how little I know. As part of the test I designed a theme that was based loosely off the BigPicture theme I was using for

Well, I got the job. I’ve been working there for a month now and learning as much as possible. I have done front-end web development for a long time but only as a hobby and freelance. Taking it to the next level and doing it full-time has been a great experience (mostly because everyone at GC is so smart and helpful). I’ve learned a lot of tricks and gotten much better at CSS which in turn has really helped me with jQuery and targeting specific DOM.

Anyway, I decided it was time to finally update this site. The design is based on the design that I did for my interview homework, which was based on the previous design (soup dawg). It’s semi-responsive but not really. It goes to single column for smaller devices but the layout is pretty narrow already. I’m thinking of doing a ground up build using WordPress Bones but for now this will do.

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