And... I'm done.

And… I’m done.

August 24, 2010  |  Camera Equipments  |  No Comments

A couple weeks ago I took my Olympus 28mm f/2.8 and it served me well for landscape photography (pictures of that trip coming soon!). I couldn’t help but feel like a 24mm would serve me a little better so I created an eBay search to try to get a  version of this lens for cheap. :x:

. I was planning on trying to get one for around $70 but gave in but when I saw this SC for $130 shipped (everything at the time had bids up to $100 already, even on single-coated versions). It arrived today and the glass is near mint and the body is in pretty good condition despite what the auction said so I am pretty happy. :perfect:

I am always a little impressed when I see how small Olympus was able to design these OM lenses. It’s pretty interesting to see how it all packs so tidily into the leather case. Compactness was definitely the goal with OM and it shows. It’s too bad no one is currently in the same mindset.

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August 21, 2010  |  Camera Equipments  |  No Comments

It’s been a long time but I’ve finally reacquired the Canon 35mm f/1.4L.  I can’t even remember my reasoning for selling it; the 20mm was one of my most used lenses on 1.6x crop which has an effective focal length at 32mm. Logically, this would mean that when I upgraded to full frame the 35L should have been one of my most used lenses but I ended up selling it and never replacing it for whatever reason. Fortunately I found one on Amazon Warehouse deals for $1290 and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to “cheaply” repurchase this lens.  I put cheaply in quotes because the price on this lens went from ~1200 to ~1400 since I sold it. Unfortunately when the lens arrived it was missing some accessories but Amazon is making up for it! :gj:

Based on the condition in which the Canon EF 35mm Lens arrived, we’d like to offer you a refund of 20% of the purchase price of this item, of $256. 20, if you are interested in keeping it. If this is acceptable, please let us know.

So overall I am pretty excited to get this back in my hands.  I’ve heard a lot of bad stories about buying open box stuff on Amazon Warehouse deals but so far everything seems fine.   I’m going to test the lens for a couple days to make sure the person who returned it didn’t have a good reason and then I’ll probably take Amazon up on their refund offer.   :x: